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Who We Are

“Words have the power to transcend time and know no boundaries."

SOEL is a corporate gifting brand based in Ahmedabad. The "SJLT Collective" created one-of-a-kind gifting experiences by putting nature at the center.

SOEL is driven by the philosophy of seeking timelessness by observing the life around us while evolving through experiences and learning from them.

We understand how difficult it is to take a moment to observe the world around you. We believe that our products will serve as reminders to pause every once in a while and keep you inspired.

This is why we carefully curate and design products that are specially customized with quotes written by an upcoming author, Shaymi Shah, to create thoughtful gifts for you and your loved ones.

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Meet The Team

SOEL is built on the philosophy of synergy. The entire team is fired up and prepared to offer the greatest goods and services possible to customers.

rated #1 corporate gifting brand in gujarat
Author and Creative Head

Shaymi Shah

Shaymi Shah is a passion driven individual who will not budge until her work is near-perfect. She is a keen observer and an excellent listener to individuals who like to share their experiences,be it humans or something lovely in nature. She is a process-oriented person who is frequently found drinking cups of coffee and believes that every step of the process is a learning experience in and of itself.

Business and Marketing Head

Shenal Jhaveri

Shenal Jhaveri is a free-spirited individual who listens to everyone yet does what she believes is best for her. She is a realistic and logical thinker who can make sound decisions. She is the business and management head at SOEL, and she manages to perform all of her tasks without displaying any signs of stress.

rated #1 corporate gifting brand in gujarat

Mission &


We believe it is essential to stay attuned to our emotions and senses in order to feel truly alive and experience life to its fullest.

Our mission is to spread all these ideas through well thought and creatively designed products that will be simple, useful, effective, and of good quality. 

All these products shall have quotes, musings, one-liners, or excerpts whose aim is to motivate and lead people to think from another perspective.


To rebuild a community for the exchange of literary ideas through innovation in order to curate experiences that remind you of the little things that matter in life.

Why Choose SOEL?

Shipping Across India

Worried about the delivery of products? SOEL offers shipping across India to ensure that you get timely delivery.

Quality Products

You are guaranteed quality. SOEL makes high-quality products because we want to hear fantastic stories, not complaints.

Best Offers on Each Product

We excel at providing you with the best at a fair price. We always have deals to keep you satisfied while you browse.

Thoughtful Gifting

Our products are designed with inspiring quotes that serve as thoughtful gifts, providing a soulful experience.

Secure Payments

SOEL provides a secure payment method to ensure the safety of your money. We will keep you safe at every step.

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