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Shaymi Shah is one of the founding members of SOEL, a self-employed architect by trade, and an avid writer. She was a skilled writer who wasn't born with it. Shaymi began crafting insights based on her daily observations after being fascinated by her surroundings and motivated by her experiences. She has repeatedly tried to find beauty in the every day and meaning in the less complicated things through her writing. She has now effectively ingrained the ability to weave captivating stories within herself through rigorous practice. She thinks that life is as natural as it gets and that one can only truly feel it and live in the present rather than attempt to accurately and in-depth describe it in writing.

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Introduce a pause in the everyday chaos with this beautifully illustrated book of narratives, from battling anxiety and loneliness to finding connection and healing.‘Falling for the Light’ by Shaymi Shah takes you on a journey of seeking answers, even in the darkness, and finding them through nuanced instances by observing the world around us carefully. Every page compels you to slow down in the present moment and take a chance to reflect on your experiences.
This book is a collection of imagined possibilities through timeless conversations with elements in nature. It allows you to escape from the reality momentarily and step into a world of imagination and wonder. It is a gentle reminder to find what fuels your soul. Order a copy today!

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Shaymi Shah is a freelance architect and a passionate creative writer. She was not a born writer but a cultivated one. Fascinated with her everyday world, she started writing insights on her daily observations, goaded by her own experiences. Time and again, she has attempted to find meaning in the simpler things, to find the beauty in the ordinary through her writing. Today, through much practice, she has successfully imbibed in herself the skill of weaving stories- stories that one can easily lose themselves in. She believes that life is as natural as anything gets and there’s no way of really writing about it aptly with utmost detail- one just has to experience it and live in the moments.

Her work has been published in over 40 anthologies so far. Her debut book of poems “My Glasses Are Turquoise Tinted” is now available on Amazon. She runs a poetry podcast called “Pause for a Rhyme”, “now available on Spotify. She sells stationery and lifestyle products that are customized with her own written work through her venture “SOEL.”

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