• Shaymi Shah’s Book

    Falling for the Light

    ‘Falling for the Light’ by Shaymi Shah takes you on a journey of seeking answers, even in the darkness, and finding them through nuanced instances by observing the world around us carefully. Every page compels you to slow down into the present moment and take a chance to reflect on your experiences.

  • Immersive Sensory Voyage

    Monk Jar Candle

    Presenting Monk Jar Candle – a harmonious fusion of serenity and opulence. Our candles surpass the standard, providing more than just warmth but a moment that enhances your environment. Candles are not just wax and wick, but the embodiment of tranquillity and luxury.

  • Moments of Pause

    2024 Desk Calendar With Personalized Wooden Stand

    SOEL’s 2024 ‘Moments of Pause’ desk calendar with a personalized wooden stand is a journey through the art of tranquillity and reflection. Each month invites you to cherish the beauty of pausing, finding solace in the simple moments that often go unnoticed. A timeless wooden stand that holds the key to a year of mindful moments.

  • Elevate Your 2024

    2024 Desk Calendar With Personalized Wooden Block

    Capture every key event in 2024, ensuring that no moment escapes your notice. Immerse yourself in the knowledge of timeless quotes that serve as profound sources of inspiration, allowing you to focus your mentality on both routine days and extraordinary occasions. SOEL’s ‘Moments of Pause’ 2024 Desk Calendar with Personalized Wooden Block will elevate your year.

  • The Art of Mindful Planning

    2024 Wiro Bound Desk Calendar

    Step into 2024 with a calendar that captures the art of living well through moments of pause. Each month, discover unique quotes beautifully intertwined with calming visuals, fostering a sense of mindfulness and well-being. Elevate your daily routine with the ‘Moments of Pause’ 2024 wiro bound desk calendar, ensuring a timeless addition to your workspace.

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    Shaymi Shah's Book

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    Shaymi Shah's Book

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